• GP14 Ulsters information – SIs released plus more

    The GP14 SIs – Sailing Instructions are available via our downloads section or via this link GP14 Ulsters Sailing Instructions This event makes our big summer weekend (25/26th June) at the club – camping is plentiful and available on a drained, level and cut site ! Many GP14s will remember their visit to EDYC for […]

  • Mid Summer BBQ, GP14 Ulsters, Drascombe Rally 25/26 June 16

    GP sailors may want – GP14 Ulsters NoR and the SIs – which are on this web site – Under Events – 26 June – link below http://edyc.co.uk/event/gp14-ulsters-ulster-championship-2526-june-2016/?event_date=2016-06-25 This will be our big summer weekend at the club – camping is plentiful and available on a drained, level and cut site ! Many GP14s will […]

  • The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

    Race 10, the PSP Logistics Panama Cup Many will know our sailing captain in is in this race and those wishing to follow progress are directed to the race web site. http://clipperroundtheworld.com/about/about-the-race The actual boat positions are via this link https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/race/standings And the purple boat is  – Derry~Londonderry~Doire … positions update every hour at 5 […]

  • Errata typos corrections in 2016 EDYC Sailing Instructions – two off as below

    Errata  typos corrections in 2016 Sailing Instructions – two off as below The start times table has an error in the Wed column and should read as below:- 6.2 Classes and Times of Warning Signal Classes Sat Wed   Autumn Weds Cruiser 1 Handicap (NHC  base number: 0.880 and over) 14.20 19.20     18.50 Cruiser […]

  • Topper Traveller 1 on 9th & 10th April 2016

    The first competition event at EDYC this year is also the first event of the Topper circuit – on 10th April 2016 – Traveller 1   – East Down Yacht Club, likely to consist of three races on Sunday, preceded by  on Saturday – by a Topper Training day –  9th April

  • Race Notices for 2016

    Following released Race Details – released by EDYC Sailing Captain as of 14/03/16 NOR GP14 Ulsters 2016   25 26 June 2016 NOR Peel race 2016      Sat 2 July 2016 SIs Peel race 2016 NOR Ardglass race 2016  Sat 30 July 2016 SIs Ardglass 2016      

  • Wayfarer Training Session 23rd March at 19:30 (open to all members)

    This training talk and model session is about racing round the marks, how to make good race starts and other hints and tips. The talk, given by Trevor Fisher, will benefit all, whatever size their boat, who race at the club be they boat owners or their crews, Thus the Wayfarer evening is open to […]

  • SLRCA Round the Lough Race 13 Sept 15

    SLRCA Round the Lough Race using a Mark 9 substitute     Sunday 13 th September saw about 9 knots of wind from the south. The first mark — chosen as mark 9, was missing,  washed ashore and was temporarily replaced by the EDYC RIB Osprey. Many thanks for this – it saved the race. Results are […]

  • Regatta Results and photos 22 Aug 2015 EDYC

    Regatta results are available here. The EDYC races are the last in the Regatta Series and if not directly displayed can be viewed  by clicking on the last race of the Series shown in the class. All SLRC Regatta results (strangford lough regattas 2015)  that have been posted are viewable at this link. EDYC Regatta […]

  • Results – Sun 2nd Aug EDYC Strangford Lough Youth Series Event

    Results  and photos via our gallery – just one race within the Dorn