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    A new photo gallery of 2016 activity added

    An EDYC photo calendar of club activity in 2016 (monthly) has been added – some 30 slides. Please access via the Gallery tab in the page top above These were first shown at the AGM are now on our WEB site. They show a full range of the club work

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  • Bums on seats (Members needed to fill the committee structure)

    EDYC need more members to join our committees. We as members run our club, we organize everything from the calendar, laying marks, servicing the winch, to setting mouse traps and ordering beer. None of this would get done without some sort of organized committee system, that is what we aim

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    AGM Prize shows L17 class has significant history at EDYC

    The L17 class prize of the Colville Salver shows the class’ significant history in both surnames and boat names. Many will not have seen the list on the back of the salver, which is incremented every year for the prize giving so here are some photos – including the rear

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  • Koala leaving for Bangor

    Last of the pre-winter boat moves

    Friday and Saturday 12 and 13 Nov saw the last of the pre-winter boat moves at the club. The club boats, Chevy and the Osprey being recovered to their trailers on Friday followed by power hosing. On Saturday Koala set off for Bangor in light winds and a falling tide 

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    15 EDYC members take the shorebased Yacht Master course.

    Summer Wednesday evenings are now a distant memory.  So what do sailors do midweek when the boat is stored away for the winter and the sails are dried and stored.   One option taken by 15 EDYC members is the shorebased Yacht Master course.  For 21 weeks two hours every Wednesday evening until next March,

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