2022 Information

Discover Sailing Application/booking form (25 June 22) download link

EDYC 2022 Booking Conditions v1 (Youth week) – download link

EDYC 2022 Training booking Form Youth week v1GR – download link

EDYC BAR DUTY GUIDANCE NOTES v 0.4 – download link

Peel Race Sailing Instructions 21 May 22 – SIs download

Peel Race and Cruise in Company 21 May 22 – Entry Form

Peel Race and Cruise in Company 21 May 22 – Notice of Race

EDYC Calendar 2022 v4.5 in pdf – link

Notice of Race for club series 23 April 2022 – link

Sailing Instructions for club series 7 Mar 2022 – link

Start Flag Sequence Graphic and text 24 Apr 22 – link

Mark Chart  of 7 Mar 22- Link

Table of Courses – revised 14 April 22 – Link    Note  a small change of wording between 11 Apr and 14 Apr

Schedule 2 from AGM PAPERS 2021 – link

2021 Information

EDYC Club Rules 2021 – this link

EDYC-TRAINING-INTEREST-FORM-_-Issue-of-Nov-21.docx – this link

Leisure 17 rigging diagram this link

Boat shed this link

EDYC Regatta SSIs 28 Aug – download from this link

RYA Hearing Request Form (previously Protest Form) Protest form – download from the RYA

Racing Mark chart (updated July 21)

Calendar and rota 2021 – EDYC Sailing and Bar Calendar 2021 Ver 4.8

EDYC 2021 Training booking Form Youth week

EDYC 2021 Booking Conditions v 1 LS

Level 2 – Pre season Club conference 17 May 21 – Slides in PDF

Pre season Club conference 28 April 21 – Slides in PDF

Notice of Race 2021 Club Series

Sailing Instructions 2021 Club Series

Graphic of start flags

Racing Courses 2019/20/21  Please note 2019 had a new table of courses which we continue to use

Mark Map  (errata Mark 5 North of Selk) Mark positions in the main are traditional and do not change much from year to year

Instructions for the RO 2021 – intended to be an overall helpful document for pre duty reading – it is an updated version of the 2019 version below

2020 Information

AGM Agenda and Papers for 2020

NoR Ardglass Race 12 Sept 20

Sailing Instructions Ardglass Race 20

EDYC Racing Risk Assessment August 2020

Notice of Race (NoR) for EDYC Club Race Series 2020

Sailing Instructions (SI) for EDYC Club Race Series 2020

Racing Courses 2020 (same as 2019)

EDYC Training & COVID-19

EDYC Membership Form V15

EDYC Club Rules 2020

EDYC Membership Charges 2020

update on VR e- sailing

eSailing opportunities with EDYC April 2020

RYA booking form EDYC Training Youth Week 2020

PDF of Sailing Instructions for EDYC Club Race Series 2020

2019 Information

Many aspects of the 2019 season will be the same as the 2018 season (or earlier information below).

Please Find Club Information for the Season

EDYC Regatta Sailing Instructions 2019 –  Sat 3rd Aug 2019

Peel Race NoR 2019

Peel Race Sailing Instructons 2019

Youth Week July 2019 form and details – replaced for 2020 above

Club Rules 2019

NoR v2 EDYC Handbook 2019

SIs V2pt2 EDYC Handbook Folder 2019

Information on flags and sequence – graphic

Please note 2019 has a new table of courses – Racing Courses 2019

Sailing and Bar Calendar 2019 (B28)

Instructions for the RO 2019 – intended to be an overall helpful document for pre duty reading

Membership – Membership Application Form V14

EDYC Youth RIB Training Entry Form 2019

EDYC Emergency Action Plan v10

Earlier info below

2018 Information

EDYC Promo video 2018


Equipment instructions