What is SLRC?

The initials stand for Strangford Lough Regatta Conference. The yacht clubs on the Lough meet at the end of the year to plan the following year’s calendar of Regattas and other events open to all clubs on the Lough and depending on the event, other sailing areas. Occasionally the meeting will discuss and decide other matters, such as the decision to change the handicap system for the Cruiser classes in the club annual Regattas to the RYA National Handicap for Cruisers, from the previously used RYA Portsmouth Yardstick system.

In general, clubs do not race locally on annual Regatta dates to allow their members to attend, race and enjoy the Regatta that day. Clubs also try to avoid local racing on other open event days for the same reason, but occasionally, if the event is only for a particular type or class of boat, club racing will go ahead.


For Strangford Lough Regattas Calendars and SI’s see Strangford Lough Regatta Conference website


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