The activities of the Club are scheduled via the following calendar, in which it is impossible to print every detail. The Strangford Lough events are also listed, including other regattas to which we send a safety boat. The fuller details of these regattas are contained in a separate source , the Strangford Lough Regatta Programme, and we commend regatta sailing to the Club. Recreational and training events are also scheduled.

The Club can only operate such an extensive calendar of events by the voluntary assistance of its members, enlisted by the rota associated within the calendar. The Club is most grateful for the substantial assistance received from members and it is very important that this work burden is shared. We can provide advice, training and instruction to assist in preparing members for these duties, just ask. Anyone who is unfamiliar with any aspect of the calendar, sailing or duties is most welcome to contact an appropriate officer from the Committees.

RO, Rib & Chevy Duty 2021

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the sailing related duties or who needs refreshment should contact the committee well before their duty as inserted in the calendar. The Club has determined that RYA Level II powerboat qualification is the appropriate level for our RIB safety boat drivers and requests that all drivers hold this qualification or equivalent experience. Both the RO and Rib duty require an assistant or crew. (The crew does not need experience, but it is beneficial to have)

If you are unable to do your assigned duty, please arrange a stand-in and let the club know of the change. We will perform a reminder call to the RO some weeks before the date of duty. The more senior members of the Sailing Committee will handle information on the Club support equipment and boats and accepting reports breakages, and monitoring logbooks etc.

Sailing duties are available to Members online – see downloads

Unscheduled Use of Club Vessels

Permission must be sought from the Sailing Captain or Rear Commodore sailing to use the Club vessels outside the scheduled calendar events. It is most likely that permission will be given to suitably able and experienced personnel, when the vessels will be of assistance in boat-related maintenance work.

Members House Rota

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the organisation of Bar and Beverages should contact the Exec Committee for information. Should you be unable to fulfill your scheduled duty, then please arrange a substitute and inform the committee of any changes.

The house rota is available to Members see downloads section.

Sailing & Club Calendar 2021

The sailing calendar is contained in our downloads section. This shows the Calendar for EDYC events and All events advertised that the Exec are aware of, this calendar may be updated during the year.