• Impala Event on 25-26 May 24 at East Down Yacht Club – Strangford Lough, N. Ireland – the Impala European Championship 2024

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  • Sunday 11 Feb 24 saw the last day of the Icicles Race Series at EDYC after three blown out weeks with no races. The day improved as time progresssed with most of the fleet leaving the slippy slipway about 11:00 and the first race start at 12:00. HW was at   13:49    with a height of 3.9 m – a really big tide. The Wind strengthened for the second race with 13 knots gusting to 18 Knots with an occasional sunny 8 degrees.

    The fleet consisted of up to 14 boats with some retirals due to rig problems and cold, we had around 12 boats of many differing designs racing in two class starts.

    The results should show on the normal HAL tables and the prizegiving will be on opening day at EDYC.

    Three types of soup and some bread was provided afterwards but it seemed the Ireland Rugby game drew people away from the club quickly.

    Thanks to all our volunteers who assisted in the various ways, Race Officer and committee boat crew, beach master and helpers, safety boat and mark boat crews, the Commodore for his encouraging words and anyone left out in this list. Main thanks go to the competitors, many of whom said they enjoyed the day.

    The prizes are sponsored by WaveRides, Belfast and CH Marine Newtownards. Many Thanks.

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  • The prizegiving preceeded the AGM and commenced at 14:30 on 3 Dec 23 in the club house.

    We may have improvements to this gallery as time permits – the silverware indicates the major prize/class winners.

    The smaller glass in a frame prizes are retained by the winners of each class.

    The text associated with these awards is in this link

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  • The Leisures of Strangford Lough set out from EDYC on Saturday 9th September with a passage plan of 15 miles, taking them through The Narrows, exiting into the Irish Sea, and turning south with Ardglass Marina the destination for an over night stop.

    The wind was better than the 3-5mph forecasted, albeit ‘on the nose’ for the southward leg to Ardglass from The Narrows.

    There were (5) Leisure 17s and (1) Leisure 20, with company of a Drascombe Long Boat and a Golden Hind 26. Come 6:30pm the last of the adventurers were safely in the haven of Ardglass marina.

    After fish suppers, al fresco and review of the day, most turned in early preparing for a 7:30am departure, to safely catch the last of the flooding tide for an uneventful transit back through The Narrows and in to Strangford Lough.

    At 6:30am all awoke to heavy fog, and little if any wind, which would not start to break until safely returned to EDYC, some hours later at 10:30am.

    It was a mystical journey, shrouded in fog with the company of dolphins in The Narrows, providing safe passage to Strangford Lough, 6 miles north.

    A great adventure nearing the end of season, in continued celebration of this the 50th year of Leisure 17s at EDYC.

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  • Prize giving for:

    1. RS Feva Northerns 2023
    2. Strangford Lough Youth Series 2023 – EDYC leg
    3. Strangford Lough Youth Series 2023 – overall series prizes

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  • RS Feva Northerns Sat 26 and Sun 27 Aug 23 at EDYC

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  • East Down Yacht Club regatta on Saturday 19 August 2023.

    Thanks to Geoff Allen for these photographs.

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  • EDYC Leisure 17 small boats day sail 1st July 2023 photos to accompany news article

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  • East Down Yacht Club – Lady Members’ Cruise in Company     25th June 2023

    On Sunday 25th June 23, through driving rain, beautiful sunshine and finally huge thunderclouds, 24 of our lady members, from beginners to more the more experienced, took part in a Cruise in Company on 8 cruisers of varying sizes.

    With the owners on board, the sailors had an exciting day’s sailing in winds of up to 20 knots and everyone took turns to helm, crew and practice their radio skills in communication.  The wind eventually eased down to 3 knots and it became a gentle reach back home.  Fortunately, all boats were back on their moorings before a huge thunderstorm with lightning surged overhead!

    There was lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to just ‘have a go’ from the sailors and, at the debrief, there was an overwhelming “Yes Please” from the EDYC ladies for a repeat performance sometime in the future!

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  • Several snaps taken May June 23 – The Fox was seen on Island Taggart one Friday night during training.

    Two pladdy poles were snapped on Friday 9th June – to show their presence and positions. Obviously  photo taken at low water.

    Pole on South end of Selk Rock, Pole on North end of Long Rock.


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  • EDYC provide Friday night sail training in May June 2023

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  • EDYC Prize Giving 18 June 22

    Not every prize winner in the last two years was able to attend the prizegiving. Thus some prizes remain to be collected on their next visit to the clubhouse.
    Those that did attend received prizes from the commodore. Each year was handled according to the prize list, thus a particular cup may have had to be handed to people twice or for consistent sailors handed to them (same person) twice – hence two photos.

    Some trophies were collected by crew or friends of the winning boat.

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  • Photographs from the Pirates and Princesses Treasure Hunt in aide of the RNLI on 29 August 2021 at East Down Yacht Club

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  • EDYC Regatta Sat 28 Aug 21 took place in light winds

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  • An improvement in the water supply to the clubhouse was made by having an additional T junction off the main supply line and feeding the North end of the clubhouse, The new pipe emerges  from the main at the black cover skirts the concrete where the tent can be and enters the clubhouse at the ladies window – also passing the North corner of the clubhouse and going downhill to get into the ducting in the concrete – whence it emerges to feed taps etc including the Rib shed – with additional flow and pressure capacity.

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  • Youth sailors from EDYC were out at club racing on Saturday 31 August 2019. This was the last of three sessions building upon the youth training week earlier in the summer. Unusual weather conditions challenged the sailors; any capsized boats were quickly righted.

    After our sailors went ashore, we saw the volunteer crew of the Portaferry lifeboat en-route to support a boat from a neighbouring club.

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  • Peel Race 29 June 2019

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  • Friday 31 May 2019 was a bit windy and the evening was unpredictable as far as wind strength so some weather forecast training and some boat rigging was undertaken for training. A visit to the shore on Taggart Island for a rubbish sweep produced some three bin loads of plastic and other debris and the evening finished with an open water swim. Some nine ducks and one parent swam back to the EDYC slipway, crossing through the visitors moorings and enjoying the activity very much.  Safety cover was of course on hand.

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  • The first race of our Wednesday night series was in light winds and sunshine with many smiles and much sail rigging.

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  • The first storm of the autumn – Ali – hit EDYC on 19 Sept 18 and disrupted the normal boat storage and moorings.

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  • Strangford Lough Racing Cruiser Association is a group of like minded sailors who promote racing of cruising boats. They encourage cooperation between clubs in the lough .

    The “Round The Lough Series” runs over five Sundays.  There are round the cans course with a time limit of 2hrs 30 mins.

    EDYC hosted a race on 16th Sept 18 and the results are available via this link.

    The clubs generously sponsor bottles of wine for the winner of each class on the day’s racing – however the wine goes according to – RULE 6 and an SLRCA  rule – not always to the winner. Photos are of those who got the wine..

    Events 2018

    The last race will be at SLYC next weekend – Sunday 23 Sept 18 – followed by the AGM

    Some Photos of the 16 Sept event are in this gallery

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  • Regatta Photos from EDYC 50th Anniversary Regatta on 4 Aug 2018


    More photos will be added to this Gallery as we receive them.

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  • Prizes awarded for the 50th Anniversary Regatta of East Down Yacht Club.

    Thanks to all who attended, competed and to those who came to help out with the volunteer duties!

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  • Results plus prizewinners photos from the Strangford Lough Youth Event held at EDYC on Sun 5 Aug 18 are the first images to reach this gallery – many more photos are expected soon.

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  • The Golden Eagle and Peregrin is not EDYC, we just have a few Kestrels.

    Aerial combat golden eagle vs peregrine – Lough Spelve 20180629

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  • EDYC 50th Celebrations WEB gallery post 10 July 18

    Approximately 70 boats with flags and bunting flying took part in a parade of sail at East Down Yacht Club, outside Killyleagh, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of founding of the club in 1968.

    The parade was led by a Viking Ship, manned by Vikings in traditional clothes.  The Vikings had set up camp for the weekend in the grounds of the club, demonstrating their skills and fighting ability with a mock battle.

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  • On the first Wednesday night of May club EW1 racing commenced on a light wind and cloudy evening with some showers. Cruiser crews were ferried out by the chevvy and dinghy launching was achieved with a slow passage to the race area. The first off Cruiser 1 class presented to the start line with the two Impalas first, having to run the line a bit (from the committee boat end) to loose approach seconds and the rest of the fleet following  with perhaps more rusty timed approaches. Cruiser 2 has two competing yachts and again were not that prompt with line crossing. Dinghy 1 a large class dominated by wayfarers, had front boats showing good line timing and also a spread behind. Dinghy 2 – two Toppers  and the L17 one yacht were relaxed about the line. Photos reflect these comments and the dull conditions beneath the clouds.

    The L17 class were heavily represented on the committee vessel and produced many comments about possible improvements to our set up. Seems all enjoyed their outing and the post race food and drink.

    Results are available – link

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  • Brent Geese visit EDYC Slipway – Some seven Brent Geese visit our slipway on 15 Feb 2018 and have a wee nibble and move on. Another quiet day at the club during the maintenance season. More Brent Geese info at:- Brent geese arrive at Strangford Lough

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  • EDYC successfully ran an RYA Level II Powerboat Course on the Saturday and Sunday of 14th and 15th October with six successful candidates.

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  • EDYC Regatta 12 Aug 2017 took place in light winds and sunshine and had an excellent turnout of boats.

    Using the usual separate start and finish lines on either side of the committee boat ensured separation of classes at appropriate times. Results are available on the club web site here using the normal HAL presentation format, seek the regatta results. It seems all enjoyed their racing and sandwiches and buns in the clubhouse afterwards. Several prize winners appear in the photos in this gallery.


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  • Training Week 31 July – 4 Aug 2107 gallery  – A full week of very varied weather and training led by our experienced RYA Senior Instructor Eoin and qualified assistants, Sam and Aoibhin. Assisted by some mature people on shore.

    The instruction filled week used both Toppers and Fevas  along with RIBs on the stormy days.

    The week was tailored to the experience of participants allowing all to improve their skills and aimed to gain an RYA qualification.

    All enjoyed the weather and facilities at East Down while learning dinghy sailing skills over this training week.


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  • Pictures from RS Feva Open Pathway Training 25 26 27 July 17 EDYC

    The RYANI Open Pathway Training (OPT) open to sailors under the age of 16 in Topper, Optimist, RS Feva and Laser classes took place at EDYC. It is/was aimed primarily at those sailors who wish to develop their racing skills with a Squad coach in order to help them gain a good understanding of racing within the class and to go on to compete at open class events and the RYANI Youth Championships.

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  • The Ardglass Race was held on Sat 3rd JUne 2017 with winds of 20 knots and a noticeable swell running at the bar mouth.

    Wind direction was mainly on the nose (Southerly) with the first mark being “4” to port within the lough.  The fleets turned south at the Fairway buoy despite the smaller boats not being required to by any flag instruction. The results are available on the EDYC club WEB site under results – select via the pull down series menu etc..

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  • Now over – we had Various Fri  May and June evening training sessions titled Dinghy Duck.

    Both in a dull and damp climate and more favorable conditions, however we managed to keep smiling as the photos show.

    We now have a registration form on our downloads section for those wanting to give us their details and attend.

    We sought to encompass all comers in skill levels in all weathers, possibly classroom use occasionally. Still willing  to have new joiners now!,

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  • First – Just eight cracking photos from Wed night race on 10th May 2017

    taken by our Race Officer from the committee vessel. Then 39 photos more arrived !

    Great night – racing is being firmly established for the incoming season.

    Alfie’s food in the bar as well !

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  • Cleanup day took place at EDYC on Saturday 22 April 2017 with many members assisting with the cleaning and tidying tasks.

    Much steel work was prepared for re-cycling and lots of rubbish accumulated in the other skip.

    An excellent lunch of soup and sandwiches formed the mid day break and many worked on into the afternoon.

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  • EDYC Regatta 2016


    Please contact Margie Crawford if you would like to request a copy of one of the images.


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  • The GP14 Ulster championship held at EDYC on 25 26 June 2016


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