East Down Yacht Club Impala Event 25-26 May 24

The Impla fleet on the first dwnwind leg of the first race. Ten impalas can be seen with two Sonatas in the background

Ten Impalas can be seen on the first downwind leg of the first race on 25 May 24 in the southern area of Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland. It was a great day with the wind at 14 knots gusting 17 knots from the South East – however not that warm at 12 degrees and feeling chilly with the breeze. Some pictures of the lead boats follow:-

Mipaal looks to be one of the lead boats after the first day’s racing yet to be confirmed fully by the results on HAL and subject to a protest

Results are on the EDYC web site results – seek thro the www.edyc.co.uk site to –

Results from East Down Yacht Club – CLASS- Hunter Impala OD – EVENT – Impala European Championship 2024

Direct to results – link here

The main prize in the Impala European Championship 2024 – a half hull – presented to the winning yacht Vela 9565

second prize in the Impala European Championship 2024 went to yacht Mipaal K9604

Third place in the Impala European Championship 2024 went to yacht Wild Mustard IRL 9547

A photo above of the two yachts often in the lead

Also at the same event in a different class were the Sonatas – the pic above illustrated the close racing they contested.

Courses were typically LA3 – diagram LA with 3 laps

ie Windward/Leeward with offset mark, Leeward finish

The gate often producing the most sail and turn activity

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