Nor Topper Traveller & Slipway closure to cruisers for Topper Traveller Event 9/10 April 2016

The Topper Traveller Notice of Race is available via a link on the Event page – also – Slipway Closure 9/10 April 2016 for cruiser launching and recovery

The Club Executive ask members to consider the slipway as closed to cruiser launching on Sunday 10th April due to presence of the Topper Fleet which is estimated to be about 50 boats.

We estimate  the Sunday Time  & Height as follows

LW 09:37 0.2  HW 16:09 3.7

The Executive also ask that on the Saturday only those absolutely forced to use the rising morning tide do so – we would prefer that no cruisers were launching and that Toppers who are training get unimpeded access to the slipway and water. Give these young people your very best considerations.

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