Be aware of Cold Shock Hypothermia.

Now our club season of racing has finished and “Haul Out Day” has passed, the overall temperature has dropped – meaning on or near the water activity must be strongly aware of Cold Shock Hypothermia.

For people not used to cold water (temperature under 15 °C), sudden water immersion is associated with two problems, either of which may result in death from drowning.

On initial immersion, the shock of the cold water coming in contact with the skin (“Cold Shock”) can result in incapacitation and drowning in the first 2-3 minutes. For those who survive this and are unable to get out of the water quickly, progressive body cooling leading to hypothermia will follow in time. The rate of onset will depend on water temperature and the protective measures you have taken to reduce body cooling.

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Please be vigilant and take no short cuts with safety.

Personal Buoyancy

A Personal Flotation Device must be worn by children under 12 years of age and by all non-swimmers using the pontoon or the approach Walkway and Bridge.

Personal buoyancy is recommended for everyone on or close to the water.

Drowning – Cold Shock Hypothermia is an ever present danger in our off season climate.

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