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East Down Yacht Club 50th  year Regatta 4 August 2018

The normal club Committee Boat was relocated for the day, without disturbing the family of black Guillemots in long term residence. Our Regatta Committee Boat ‘Big Boots’ took its place, and visiting boats started to arrive as the line and courses were set. Wind was WNW 7-9kts, but oscillating.

All boats were sent to windward to mark 3 in Holm Bay, where the wind was fluky and the depth restricted as we were not long after low water. The IRC1 class approached mark 3 like a pack of dinghies, and I am sure the air was blue!

From there the fastest keel boats went to Marlfield via Barrel Rock, with kites in full flight, then down to mark 15 weaving against the incoming tide, then back West upwind to mark N and Northwest to the top of Dunny Neill Island and mark 5, then reaching back to the finish. The first 2 boats finished 1 second apart after 75 minutes racing, with line honors going to ‘Forty Licks’, EDYC, but the class win to the second finisher ‘Go To Red’, SLYC.

The IRC 2 class turned into a battle between the Impalas, with Alcyone EDYC winning out against Mipaal, EDYC, and the RS Elite ‘Illegal’, SLYC. The NHC1 Restricted Sail class was dominated by EDYC boats finishing 1, 2 & 3. It was good to see the Sonata class justifying their own start with a close 3 boat race, all from SLYC, and the Rivers and Glens also SLYC, were hotly contested to the finish.

The largest one design turnout was the 10 Wayfarers…one of the foundation classes at EDYC. However it was the visitors on ‘Lakka’ from Greystones, Monica Schaeffer and Miriam McCarthy coming through late to beat ‘Hart Beat’, Gordon Jess and Rachel Bevan, EDYC, with visitors Margaret Hynes and Mike Hayes of Cullaun SC coming 3rd on ‘Dye Happy’. ‘Busy Bee’ of EDYC was racing 50 years after it won its first EDYC regatta in 1968 on the day of delivery to the club.

The large dinghy class was won easily by Wiclif McCready of BYC in his unorthodox K1 boat, and the Leisure 17s were an all EDYC affair, with ‘Heidi Q’, Terry Hanna, well out in front. Finally the small dinghies were won by Laser Radial Adam Fermor from SLYC, despite an OCS start, and the Feva with Megan and Conor Allen from EDYC.

As the later boats were approaching the finish from mark 5, the wind swung 180 degrees and the boats found themselves running quickly to the finish, which I am sure was a relief after a slow approach. The squibs were dominated by KYC, and the NHC 2 Restricted Sail class who had encountered shallow water early in the race, managed a fairly long course with the Hawk ‘Raptor” from Quoile YC winning on handicap.

After the customary trip ashore for tea and buns and the prize giving, all that remained was a sail home for some, but for those from the North this was a tough end to the day, taking some 3 hours of beating against the wind and tide!  We hope you slept well, and thanks to the visiting competitors and rescue boat crews for making the journey.

Class results below

Class First 2nd 3rd
IRC 1 Go To Red, SLYC Le Basculer, KYC What’s The Rush II, BBC
IRC 2 Alcyone, EDYC Mipaal, EDYC Illegal, SLYC
NHC 1 Scampede, PSC Stardust, EDYC Lizante, EDYC
Flying Fifteen Hi Flyer, SSC Ffast Antic, SSC Feckin Haylyin, SLYC
NHC 2 Escape, PSC Wandering Angus, PSC Kestrel, EDYC
NHC 1 Restricted Sail Self Expression, EDYC Madrigal, EDYC Independence, EDYC
Sonata Intruder, SLYC Hi-Note, SLYC Triad, SLYC
River Shimna, SLYC Quoile, SLYC Gwebarra, SLYC
Glen Glen May, SLYC Glen Iris, SLYC Glen Dora, SLYC
Squib Blue, KYC Volante, KYC 111, KYC
NHC 2 Restricted Sail Raptor, QYC Aspect, EDYC Backdraft, KYC Note below
Wayfarer Lakka, Greystones SC Hart Beat, EDYC Dye Happy, Cullaun SC
Dinghy, Large K1, BYC Brane Wave, EDYC Aero, EDYC
Leisure 17 Heidi Q, EDYC Lulu, EDYC Octavia, EDYC
Laser Radial 211133, SLYC 186297, SLYC 141759, SLYC
Dinghy, Small Feva, M & C Allen, EDYC


NHC2RS 3rd place went to Spindrift EDYC (Clive & Fiona Newell) not Backdraft KYC.

The result was incorrectly announced at the prize giving as the RO was still checking the details and handicap for Spindrift, which rarely races!

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