Sailing Season moves to Storage Season Oct 18 EDYC

Saturday 29th Sept  saw the last of the club races gain a small turnout. Traditionally called haul out day, perhaps few availed of the winch or tractor.

Three cruisers, two dinghy I and two dinghy II competed in races in Holm Bay.

Racing Results

The Frostie Series at SLYC saw many EDYC boats such as

Chorus Line
Gael Force

Plus other crewing contributions – results on

The attraction of two races in the one afternoon with significant numbers brought out the best in competition. Saturdays wind was fresh with a swirl which was difficult to predict

Storage at EDYC will continue, with cruisers in the RIB shed side trying a herring bone layout

– this avoids the necessary right angle turn in the pathway which often takes two or more adjusts to complete. Hopefully this pattern will be continued.

Smaller boats are encouraged not to be left within the main cruiser storage areas and often a temporary store on some of the grass can avoid blockages and inefficient use of space.

All are encouraged to store boats close and not to be over influenced by the car park lines – boats are not cars – sizes differ !

Old hands are available for advice and assistance should they be contacted  in relation to hauling out and storage.

Having all your equipment named and your trailer fit for purpose are Club Rules which should not be forgotten. Winter mooring marks especially should be named and of suitable construction.

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