EDYC Sailing News Nov 2019

Sailing Instructions for 2020 – change discussion

Suggested a new cruiser class – Restricted Sail (RS)

This class will start with CII and will not use spinnakers.

Mid- fleet prizes to be discontinued. This reflects that the fleets are small in number and mid fleet may be re-introduced if fleet numbers rise.

Racing prizes will mirror what is easily output by Hal sail software.

A cut-off time will be re-introduced to assist race officers by taking the decision off them  as to when classes should return to moorings or slipway. This is also to increase safety in the evenings.

September Wednesday races will start half an hour earlier.

Other Sailing Committee news – Calendar

Youth RIB – Friday evenings in March and April 2020

May & June Fridays – Viking Training

Training Week first week in July 2020

? Second Training week – Race Training

Two Series ES and LS (as well as EW and LW)

LS to have youth starts in dorn – Sat starts for youth in Dorn

Class captains/spokespersons are to be sought

Corded chocks are to be used on the slip instead of concrete blocks.

First 2020 sailing meet on 13 Jan 2020 – new members welcome

Please discuss with the current sailing committee

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