COVID-19 Update: As a club we require:

·       Adherence to the guidance of the NI Executive, including use of second homes, and in particular involving hand washing, social distance, avoiding shared hard surfaces, and self-isolation if symptomatic. If in doubt, stay at home. Currently, there is a limit of 6 people (with social distancing) meeting at any one time. You should not change these groups frequently.

·       Respect for the needs of other members/visitors.

To assist meeting these requirements, and protect people and our reputation, until further notice, EDYC Executive will:

1.     Keep the clubhouse closed, except for limited access to toilets only. A one way system is in operation, entering by the wet entrance, exiting by the front door, and minimising touch points.

2.     Not organise club activities or events, including club racing, rescue services, and catering.

3.     Control the use of club facilities and equipment, to minimise the health risk to members:

·     The tractor is to be used, but by approved members only.

·     The Rib shed is to have the large door open when people are working there.

·     The crane is for use only by those familiar with its operation.

·     Club boats, moorings, tools and equipment are not to be used without   Executive permission. The Exec may ask family groups to work on the club   dinghy fleet.

4.     Control use of Pinch Points, where social distancing is difficult. The Pontoon walkway, slipway, Toilet corridor, and verandah, will have limitations indicated by signs on site.

5.     Promote safe and responsible actions by members, to minimise any need for emergency services.

We will review arrangements weekly and communicate these by circular email and by notices on site, as arrangements are changed.

The club is open and we want to see members using it, complying and being seen to comply with current guidance, which at EDYC includes:

·       Please keep any visitor you bring Safe; and under your control.

·       Use a tool to open the hill gate. On the main gate use your EDYC gate card, not keypads.

·       Bring your own supplies of alcohol hand-gel, spray and wipes to keep yourself and others safe. It is not feasible for us as a club to clean hard surfaces after every contact.

·       Bring/wear any gear and food etc for your visit, as there will be no clubhouse changing or showers, or club catering. Consider a ‘Dry robe’ etc.

·       Bring any tools/equipment you need at the club. Do not share these or use club ones.

·       Observe social distancing afloat, avoid shared contact with hard surfaces, and if possible arrange a buddy craft to keep an eye on you.

·       Note any visits, and people you have contact with, in case contact tracing becomes necessary.

Thank you for your co-operation.

This poster may assist in visualising guidance – Return to Boating

Further advice from RYA is available from this page

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