COVID-19 update 27 July 20

Of course this COVID-19 update of 27 July 20 relates to boating and our EDYC club and we are endebted to RYA NI for their work in the collation and preparation of the notes which are being signposted by this link.

The link above takes you to a six page word document. Many sources exist for advice. The NI Executive and Departments provide the local Northern Ireland guidance. It is important to note some regional differences across UK have arisen, thus the NI specific details should be read, perhaps in addition to the broader RYA guidance.

Reading this guidance will give an insight into approaches and actions to be taken which will become the norm expected within the sport and around our club.

Further specific guidance in relation to Safety Boat helming and crewing is given a very practical video produced by the RYA – available via this link.

Support craft continue to have a role within the club’s activities, however the general guidance is at this time you should be self sufficient and operate within your own level of competence and be unlikely to require safety support.

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