EDYC Regatta Sat 28 Aug 21

Update 30 August 2021: Results & A photo gallery from the event with 90 photographs from the event is now available

EDYC Regatta Sat 28 Aug 21 took place in light winds View Gallery



1st Le Basculer M Spence KYC

2nd Hindsight   D Hinds PSC

3rd  Lion             J Dixon      EDYC


1st Vela              M Molloy  EDYC

2nd Beeste        M Hamiltion & J Curran EDYC

3rd Apache        J Gifford  QYC


1st Cascade        C Harte & J Orr  SLYC

2nd Juno             T O’Neill PSC

3rd  Lizante         J Regan   EDYC


1st      Triad             R Darnley SLYC

2nd     Club Coffee  C Earney  EDYC

3rd      Scallywag     D Courtney EDYC


1st      Self Expression     R Ramsey/ J Findlay  EDYC

2nd     Just Du it               T Nixon & S Clarke SLYC

3rd      Finola’s Wing        D Thompson   KYC


1st       Seaborne               R Dow     EDYC

2nd     Bonaventure 2       M Browne  

3rd       Meg                        M McLoughlin & G Lynch EDYC


1st       Laragh                    K & S Smyth  SLYC

2nd    Quoile                      J McVea          SLYC


1st       Glen Cuan           R Pannell    SLYC

2nd      Glenoe                 M Stephens  SLYC

3rd       Glen Shiel           I Gleadhill   SLYC

Leisure 17

1st    Heidi Q         T Ingles    EDYC

2nd   Shalso           C Grey     EDYC

3rd    Minstral       R Edwards  EDYC


!st    Blue              D Hanna     KYC

2nd  Volante        S Watson    KYC

3rd    Dotzboat     G Cromie   KYC

Dinghy 1134 & Over

1st                         L Denyer  EDYC

2nd  Mistral 2      G & F Findlay  EDYC

3rd Brane Wave    S Jeffery   EDYC

Dinghy 1135 & Over

1st Cody Halliday   EDYC


1st Ella Fitzpatrick EDYC

A special prize went to Samuel Stocking in an Optimist  

First Race Start 13:00 make certain of your start by reading the sailing instructions. Remember a start line one side of the committee boat and a finish and intermediate lap line on the other side – precise detail in the sailing instructions.

Members and guests will be welcome onshore after the regatta sailing for refreshments and a prize giving.

This year catering is being externally provided and members contributions of sandwiches and buns will not be required.

We shall be providing Irish Stew, hot dogs and liquid refreshments. There will also be a limited bar.

Bangor Ukes have been retained to provide music before the prizegiving.

In the evening from 7pm Alfie will be on hand with a variety of quality meats to cook on the club barbecues. A full range of  salads  will be available too. The gas bar-B-ques are laid out in Bob’s garden behind the clubhouse.

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