EDYC Icicle Series Jan Feb 2022

An icicle is a spike of ice formed when water falling from an object freezes.

The EDYC Icicle Series is to be six Sundays in Jan and early Feb with starts near mid day but adjusted to suit the tide HW times. It is for dinghies –

Dinghy Handicap 1134 under and Dinghy Handicap 1135 and Over (including WAYFARERS, GP14, LASERS AND TOPPER)

First gun at 12:00 on Sunday 2nd Jan – Holm Bay EDYC – further details in the SIs and entry form

The Sailing Instructions are available via this link in pdf

Version 2 was issued 29/12/21 and the main change was the inclusion of “W” the Whiskey flag, so the course can be swept to speed the interval between races if required. Use the link above as Version 1 has been replaced.

Version 3 was issued 31/12/21 and has implemented one change – that of the Dinghy Handicap class flag

A graphic of the flags used in race management is available via this link

The entry form is available via this link in pdf

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