EDYC Race Management docs for 2022

Race Management documentation for 2022 season EDYC

The 2022 race information is now loaded into the club web site downloads page. There are five major documents listed below. The NoR (Notice of Race) has stayed as V1. The SIs (Sailing Instructions) have moved to V2 – use of X flag rather than AP within the sequence. The Start flag sequence V2 as above (X flag), the Mark Chart and finally the Table of Courses – no changes since 2019, wee layout differences. The list is:

Notice of Race for club series 7 Mar 2022- V1

Sailing Instructions for club series 7 Mar 2022 – V2

Start Flag Sequence Graphic 7 Mar 22 

Mark Chart of 7 Mar 22 

Table of Courses  

They are all PDF documents in downloads – link

I would ask everyone to check these and to report any improvement suggestions. There is one minor mistake in the SIs

We have new members within the club and this documentation is a major feat if you try to understand it in one go. Please assist others by answering questions etc.

Sailing Committee plan to use RO Training via Zoom as last year to assist in dealing with the understanding of these. We will likely need two sessions, which will be open to all members – more details to follow in a few weeks.

This message deliberately has few direct links – please refer to the downloads page, we need to know it works for all. There you will find the documents.

Our club is different from many in that we use 3 minute intervals, pre raised flags, set course codes and many classes plus Hal results. We are always looking for improvements or simplifications but what we have got has in general stood the test of time and experience. Just remember this is not the Olympics and we are all volunteers seeking share of the work and enjoyment.

If you are new to these documents – even the abbreviations are hard to decipher so please talk to any racer at the club with your specific questions. The Zoom training which will be in a few weeks will also be an opportunity to learn and understand how these documents set the structure of club races.

The main rules are in

THE RACING RULES OF SAILING  for 2021–2024 – link

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