Midsummer BBQ plus Drascombe Event Sat 18 June

Midsummer BBQ – SAT 18 JUNE 2022 and Drascombe Event (weekend)

A warm welcome to all members and guests.

This Friday through to Sunday marks the continuation of our relationship with

Luggers, Dabbers, Coasters and Drifters – all types of Drascombes which will be seen sailing at EDYC.

We are expecting over 24 boats and about 56 associated people camping and sailing.

Campers are requested to leave clear a tractor width to the seaward grass side of our outer thorn hedge, especially in the area we call the triangle on the peninsula. Please pitch considerately using a minimum of area to each tent. Keep cars near the roadway or shore not twixt the tents.

Club members are welcome to join the Drascombes to sail. All are welcome at our mid-summer BBQ

Our club has been hosting the Drascombe event at Strangford for nearly 16 years, we are glad to see Drascombes back and we extend a warm EDYC welcome .

Come along join in the fun and who knows you might be tempted into purchasing one of these charming boats .


Our local butcher Alfie Murray will be on hand with the usual selection of fresh meats and fresh salads for you to purchase at a range of prices. The BBQs will be lit at 6.00pm. Payment can be made cashless in the bar and a ticketing system will operate.

The new furniture in Bob’s garden and the awning system will enhance the evening and enjoyment.

An excellent selection of beers and wines will be available from our upstairs Holme Bay bar, staffed by at least four volunteers operating a card only payment system.

We hope to conduct a two year (covid delayed) prize giving before it becomes late in the evening.

The event music is being supplied by Davey Watson, who will provide live entertainment from within the Holme Bay bar. This will contribute substantialy to the evening.

Boat mooring is to be respectfull and considerate with good seamanship, care and safety uppermost.

The club cruiser park has been cleared of all empty trailers – please park vehicles and trailers (with or without boats) so that they use the least room and don’t obstruct anyone. The old guide of yellow paint of where not to park is just about discernable – in front of the shed and top of the slip should be left clear after boat arrival or launch.

Normal Saturday sailing of our club members is expected to continue with most of our racers attending the Quoile Regatta in the afternoon on the South of the lough, please co-operate to maximise water activity in perhaps busy times especially on the Saturday.

A youth event at Quoile YC is on the Sunday and we will be sending a youth group to compete.

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