Winter Yacht Parking for Autumn and Winter 23


This year, autumn 23 the club will continue to use the herringbone layout introduced last year. The following is a repeat of the guidance given last year. There will be more boats this winter hence it is important that no yard space is wasted – please park with the guide as background and the target of space saving and sharing in mind.

Parked boats must not impede, onto or over, the main thoroughfare through the club yard.

A herring bone pattern of parking will be used.

18’ – 25’ boats – park towards the centre (narrowest part) of the the shoreside strip.

25’ – 30’ boats – prioritise parking on the shoreside strip when space permits.

Boats 30’+  – park towards the ‘shed end’ on the landward side of the yard or the most southerly end of the shoreside strip.

Leisure 17’s without trailers – park nearest to the garage. Do not block the garage roller door and the ability to roll the hopper bins out and back for emptying by binmen.

There is yellow hash marking in this area.

Leisure 17’s on trailers should park in any available spaces between larger boats.

Full layout plan

Parking of larger boats should be completed  by tractor or other suitable vehicle.

Punts, ribs, dinghies, dory’s etc. should not be winter stored in the cruiser parking area.

Where possible please raise and safely secure the steering arm of your trailer.

Uncertain where to park – or have any other queries regarding winter parking?

Contact any Exec committee member or Davy M on 07890002134.

EDYC Executive may request owner’s cooperation to relocate their boat if they consider that it has failed to conform with the guidelines.

The Executive reserve the right to independently relocate any non-compliant boat when deemed necessary.

The use of wheel locks, hitch locks, removing wheels or removing steering arms from a boat that requires moving may incur additional relocating costs for the owner.

Remember your boat and/or trailer must have a visible name on it.

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