Work in progress EDYC 25 March 24

Our club racing marks which also contribute to Strangford Lough Racing are being prepared for launch and use. We will launch these pre the new season. Two volunteers have stood out, taking on this work. We once thought was unskilled – but realised this year that there is quite a lot of nous involved. Our volunteers, who are non racers, now have a greater knowledge and interest in bits of chain and steel. Many thanks to them.

Race Navigators in our club may wish to consider race mark positions. Possibly suggest new positions etc, so that our course list can be updated/improved. We have always been challenged by Westerly winds (first mark is 3) by Northerly winds (first Mark is V, once a dinghy only mark) and by other wind and Island combinations.

The Chevvy – once was our only diesel boat – hence both work and taxi boat. Now we have the new boat Daisy. We have been persuaded by members to keep the chevvy as a work boat , so mooring work can be undertaken without damage from chain to Daisy. The chevvy had a starting problem.

Above are the starter motors which will not be used in the Chevvy. The engine is a Yanmar 2GM (20HP) inboard diesel engine. Each starter has a problem leading us to invest in a new starter now fitted for the 2024 season. That’s along with a new leisure battery. We also plan to improve the decking on the chevvy as currently it is a bit flexible and that the boat will be available as a work boat.

Work on Daisy has advanced with new engine mounts having been installed and a refurbish of the gearbox undertaken. Thoughts of better sound proofing and water testing before the season are prominent, but require volunteer manpower, as does much of the work at the club.

Clean up day is being scheduled in the calendar and will be circulated soon so all can give the club a bit of assistance.

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