The Strangford Lough Youth Series (‘SLYS’), a youth race series in Strangford Lough 2024

The Strangford Lough Youth Series (‘SLYS’) is a race series run by the five sailing clubs within Strangford Lough. That’s Quoile Yacht Club, Strangford Sailing Club, Killyleagh Yacht Club, East Down Yacht Club and Strangford Lough Yacht Club.

Each club hosts a leg of the series, which sees sailors from each of these clubs travelling to the different clubs to compete. Sailors represent their home club to compete for the Strangford Lough Youth Series shield. This is awarded to the club, who at the end of the series, has the most ‘points’.

Points are calculated in accordance with ‘The Gerry Reilly High Points System’. The number of points awarded to clubs (and sailors) for how they perform in a race is based on the number of competitors in that fleet. For example, the sailor that comes 1st in a fleet of 10 Toppers will be awarded 10 points (2nd place 9 points, 3rd place 8 points etc.). This point system is used as to not adversely impact those clubs that have a limited number of sailors.

The results are obtained thro this link

As well as the Youth Series shield, there will be individual prizes for each leg of the series (i.e. a prizegiving held by each club), as well as overall prizes awarded to those sailors that have performed the best over the series as a whole. The overall prizes, along with the shield are awarded at the final leg of the series.

At its foundation, the SLYS is a relaxed race series aimed at those who are starting to learn how to race, or for those developing their racing skills. It acts as a platform for sailors to start competing at events outside of their usual club racing, whilst also enabling sailors across Strangford Lough to meet one another.

There is an age limit for the series meaning that sailors must be under 19 in the year they wish to compete. The ‘cut-off’ date for the age restriction is 31 December of that same year. For example, to compete in the 2024 Youth Series, you must be under 19 as of 31 December 2024.

Additional information about the series, including the entry form, can be found here. (Link to entries and info) Entry for the series must take place prior to you participating. You can enter for separate legs of the Youth Series, or for the full series (depending on your availability).

Should you have any further queries about the event, please contact your local club contact/SLYS
Commitee representatve (outlined below).
Quoile Yacht Club – Philip Crichton
Strangford Sailing Club – Jordan Conway
Killyleagh Yacht Club – Aimee McWilliams
East Down Yacht Club – Hana Stolcova
Strangford Lough Yacht Club – Jack Kennedy

Jack Kennedy – SLYS Organising Committee

Read general details, entries thro this link

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