• RRS Rule changes from 1 Jan 21

    More helpful information on the rule changes We are highlighting Flag V as one rule change and are providing a list of RRS changes as well. R37  Search and rescue instructions. New safety rule When flag V with one short sound, all boats and official and support vessels  shall, if possible monitor the race committee […]

  • Covid-19 Update Jan 21

    Covid-19 Update information from RYANI giving the NI Executive Instructions.

  • Christmas Message 2020 EDYC

    Hoping this finds you all in good health. It’s that time of year when we sit back and take stock of what’s just passed and what’s on the horizon for the coming year at EDYC. Looking back on what has been a difficult year, we can also pluck a few positives, without mentioning COVID too […]

  • EDYC Impala Fleet Dec 20

    EDYC’s Impala fleet is quickly becoming the talk and envy of both the local sailing fraternity and indeed further afield also. There are very few ‘one design’ cruiser fleets still racing competitively in Strangford Lough or in Belfast Lough. The EDYC burgeoning fleet of 9 Impalas is attracting quite some interest. The Impala 28 was […]

  • Canoe Sail on East Coast, Strangford Lough

    On 10 November 20, Gordon and his wife Rachel were up early and on the EDYC slip just before dawn at 07:00. In a steady SE breeze and a filling tide they headed North inside Taggart and outside Pawle then inside Trasnagh and to Sketrick. Rach was experimenting with a new sail on the open […]

  • 2020 Season Prizes EDYC

    Normally it is at the AGM that prizes are distributed, however this year many things are not normal. Winners get some of the club silverware for just one year’s retention and a keepsake to retain We have the silverware engraved and the keepsake this year is an exceptional mug. The prizes for each of the […]

  • COVID 19 from 11 Dec

    Covid-19 restrictions update from 11th Dec and EDYC

  • Changes from the Racing Rules of Sailing applied at EDYC in 2021

    The RRS Racing Rules of Sailing are essential and will be updated at the year end and will cascade into use at EDYC.

  • COVID-19 update 27 Nov 20

    EDYC Members, The NI Executive has issued restrictions for a NI lockdown period (2 weeks) starting early on Friday 27th November, and we have now received an update from RYA Northern Ireland. This is the link to RYA NI guidance If there are fundamental changes to this we will let you know, but I wanted […]

  • December 2020 AGM- Papers

    As before but with papers related to this NOTICE of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Sunday 6th December 2020 at 14:30 Dear Fellow Member, Due to the ongoing government restrictions we are unable to hold our AGM in the clubhouse. However, we will run the meeting virtually on Zoom. The 54th East Down Yacht Club AGM will be held on Sunday […]