• Fri 12th May, the evening training session titled Dinghy Duck was held in a dull and damp climate, however we managed to keep smiling as the photos show.

    We now have a registration form on our downloads section for those wanting to give us their details and attend.

    Still seeking to encompass all comers in skill levels in all weathers but this may mean a classroom use occasionally. Still willing  to have new joiners now!,

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  • First – Just eight cracking photos from Wed night race on 10th May 2017

    taken by our Race Officer from the committee vessel. Then 39 photos more arrived !

    Great night – racing is being firmly established for the incoming season.

    Alfie’s food in the bar as well !

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  • Cleanup day took place at EDYC on Saturday 22 April 2017 with many members assisting with the cleaning and tidying tasks.

    Much steel work was prepared for re-cycling and lots of rubbish accumulated in the other skip.

    An excellent lunch of soup and sandwiches formed the mid day break and many worked on into the afternoon.

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  • EDYC Regatta 2016


    Please contact Margie Crawford if you would like to request a copy of one of the images.



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  • The GP14 Ulster championship held at EDYC on 25 26 June 2016


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