AGM Prize shows L17 class has significant history at EDYC

The L17 class prize of the Colville Salver shows the class’ significant history in both surnames and boat names. Many will not have seen the list on the back of the salver, which is incremented every year for the prize giving so here are some photos – including the rear winner list. Silver – even EPNS rubbed back to the brass in some spots does not photograph well by amateurs so hopefully you can read most of the names and dates. I have spotted some founder members and some past trustees, plus some racers who don’ t advertise their L17 track record. However the┬árepeating names show that the class is very stable at the winning level at least. Those not fortunate to have won this salver may get a closer look at it at the AGM before it is awarded to the 2016 series winner – a predictable name ! Click on the second photo to blow up the names






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