Dinghy Duck outings at EDYC (Friday eves May and June)

Dinghy Duck has been hibernating with friends in the sailing office at EDYC

and now with the temperature reaching 14 degrees centigrade and higher

he has emerged and was seen sitting in the sun.

Dinghy Duck enjoyed last years Training Week and wants more !

Dinghy Duck intends to be at all EDYC Friday night sessions

which used to be called Friday night training – however

are now Dinghy Ducks outings.


There is lots to learn about Dinghy Duck –

what gender he is (he was assumed) – has he a girl duck friend –

what he will get up to during Friday sessions ?

Friday Dinghy Duck outings start Friday 5th May

and posters will be put up and WEB info released giving details.

Dinghy Duck sessions will last May and June

Why has Duck started to call the committee boat

– the committee signalling vessel ? shortened to committee vessel,

more to follow !!


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