Wayfarer Get-together 7:30pm sharp on the 4th April 2017

Hi All,

Hope you’ve all had a great off-season. It’s now time to think about our exploits on the water again.

Annual refresher chat from Trevor on the  Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

To this end we are having our annual refresher chat from Trevor on the rules of racing. This will be a light-hearted evening. Hopefully we will pick up some hints and tips. This will be held in the upstairs bar at 7:30pm sharp on the 4th April.

We will also have some open discussion on capsize drills and the best ways to right an inverted Wayfarer. Gordon J has agreed to hold some on-the-water sessions at the start of the season for anyone wishing to improve their skill at righting a Wayfarer.

 Hopefully as many of you as possible can attend as this will be beneficial to both dinghy racers and dinghy cruisers.

 Tea, coffee etc. will be served……..actually it’ll be self-service as per usual.

See you there, R.    Wayfarer Class Captain.

All are welcome and extra cake available for anyone under 35 ! Remember the bar now has new gas heating sufficient to toast your toes !

 This event will be attended by Dinghy Duck and Friends. Feature photo shows him and friends swimming in a local pool.

Sadly I have to report one wayfarer has commented –

“Good to see the yellow lesser spotted duck returning North for the summer.”

Duck is not happy with being called “lesser!” and he did hibernate in the sailing office – and does not migrate nor vote for UKIP.


It is also believed that the ghost of OOD will also attend. You may all remember OOD who died approx 15 years ago and was replaced by RO and his more qualified boss RRO. This year we have already reported to the sailing committee on the demise of “committee boat” and his replacement by “committee vessel“. Time moves on !

The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) govern the sport of sailing on the water. They are revised and published every four years by World Sailing. The current edition is – The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 – 2020. It is available from


Especially useful is the Study Version which has been published which explains the changes and new rules. This is available from this link


It highlights in RED the changes



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