EDYC members boats gain good results in early July 17

Those of you not reading the Down Recorder or the strangfordloughregattas web site may have not seen the good results obtained by club boats –

Narrows Series

IRC2:  1st Mipaal – Stephen Lynn (with three wins); 2nd Alcyone Peter Thompson

NHC1:  1st Stardust – Grant McCullough/David Maxwell;

NHCRS2:  2nd Seaborne – Robert Dow; 3rd Kestral – Keith Carr

Dinghy Handicap:  1st Richard Ramsey (Laser)

Bar Buoy Results:

IRC2: 1st Mipaal – Stephen Lynn

NHC1: 1st Gael Force – James Curran/Mervyn Hamilton

NHCRS1: 1st Self Expression – John Findlay/Richard Ramsey

NHCRS2:  2nd Kestral – Keith Carr

Large Dinghy Handicap: 1st Laser – Richard Ramsey

Congratulations to all who competed as well as the winners

Tall Ships News

Sarah Jennings and Gareth Hampton were on the Tall Ship – TS Royalist which came first in its class and 2nd overall by 7 minutes in a 8 day race – Tall Ships from Sweden to Finland (leg 1)


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