EDYC Sailing Instructions 2020

We have released the 2020 Sailing Instructions which are available on the WEB site as a download. Abbreviated to SIs these are a necessary part of preparation for local club races often accompanied by a Notice of Race (NoR), but not yet!

There are several changes from last year but none that I see as major.

Two new classes ( actually sub-classes) have been added. A restricted sail class in Cruiser 2, (named Cruiser RS) and an RS Feva class in Dinghy 2. In this dinghy class the RS relates to the manufacturer’s name. There are no new starts and no new flags, the sub-classes  follow the main class instructions, it is in the results where a results sub list can be provided. We facilitate the boats which do not use spinnakers and we encourage the Fevas to participate.

We have amended Rule 35 which relates to time limit finishes. The wording in the new SI is our rule and this means that a race now has a fixed time limit which does not change even if some boats finish. Those boats still on the course at the time limit will be awarded points and should proceed back to mooring or slip without the need to cross the finish line.

Those were the two biggest changes, several minor changes such as moving to “boat” rather than yacht (or dinghy) allows us to be simpler and to use the RRS definitions more rapidly. The phrase club service boat has crept in to encompass all club support boats – RIBs, Chevvy Committee Boat and anything else we task with club support.

Duty compensation points have been tidied up in terms of wording and the entry into the club service boat log has become a further way that a person identifies that they have been active in support on a particular race.

In the unusual Covid-19 influence this season we have made the club WEB site replace the Results Notice Board in the clubhouse (this club board may be used in addition to the web) and we have shortened the notice period to 24 hours rather than 8 days – enabling us to more rapidly alter things. We also have put some authority into verbal instructions from our service boats.

On a trial basis we are permitting Dinghy helm and crew to elect to change boat and to carry their points across boats. this means that a Dinghy helm/crew team can elect to change boat within the boat class and allocate the points accrued from the first boat to the second. This means that if a wayfarer is damaged (or a new boat acquired) the team can continue in an alternative wayfarer, or a helm/crew that own a boat each, can race in either boat and allocate the points to one boat. Obviously – a need to declare intent to RO if points allocation differs from sail number. This also influences boats with differing rigs in that rig changes eg sail area do not make it a different boat (however handicap changes).(this arrangement has sort of happened for years, but not consistently and despite absence of wording in SI’s).

Thanks Results Officer for initiating this and for doing the associated work.

Thus the new season SIs are released – you may be wondering about the Notice of Race – this is being delayed until we know when and how the lock down is to be lifted and thus we can establish the race dates. The Sailing Committee estimated that it will take at least three weeks post lockdown before the club could be ready to host a club race.

That’s roughly what I remember from the changes and I refer you to the download for the full wording and authorised source.

Sailing Instructions 2020 EDYC

The above is in word, the document is also available as a PDF via this link

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