Last race of Sept 20

This post was to be on the last race of the season, however perhaps there may be more dinghy or other races. Sat 26th Sept saw the scheduled final race of the Impala series.

Four of our six Impalas turned out and competed in what is a well matched class race. However is it skill , experience of just luck which makes winners?

A round the lough style course was set – which if you know our marks read :

9S ,TP , 9S ,2P (black temp mark)
3S , UP, 5S , NP , 5P, 9P, E

With the wind in the North or North East, at 14 knots gusting 16 meant a busy start for all crew, especially foredeck. The tide was out (15:40) mid race and some land obstacles were narrowly or shallowly missed. There were no surprises in this race results so just the overall series results below:-

Overall results for the series:
Mipaal 5 – 1
Beeste 19 – 2
Imp 20 – 3
Chorus Line 20 – 4
Vela 20 – 5
Alcyone 22 – 6

Thanks to JP for the organisation and courses, plus Stephen and various assistants for Start and mark work.

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