RYANI Covid 19 Guidance April 15th 2021

The club wishes members to be guided by the best and most recent advice from RYA Northern Ireland. This advice is available direct from their web site however the words below should assist understanding.

Please find below answers/ clarifications to a couple of key areas for a return to sport and an overview from the Executive of key areas following the announcement today (15 April)

Current Guidance (as applicable from 12th– 23rd April)

  • Training Groups of 15

We requested clarification on the use of term ‘training’ , alongside referring to the latest Regulations outlining what may take place.   It has been confirmed that currently any activity (including recreational), where it is organised by an RYA affiliated club or centre, falls under this definition and can utilise groups of 15 (inclusive of coaches/ essential personnel).     This would therefore include the likes of a booking system or means by which a club controls numbers and limits them to 15.

Protocols should be in place that are communicated and shared with participants.   

  • Racing

RYANI submitted a question outlining whether club racing (members only) could be permitted with the necessary protocols in place and it has been clarified that  currently no competition at any level is permitted.  

The announcement today has now given us a date of racing being able to restart from 23rd April and  we will further clarify what may be permitted or otherwise beyond club racing.

  • RYANI Guidance

This will be updated, along with FAQs to reflect recent feedback from SportNI, changes to the Regulations and clarifications.

Future easing of restrictions

We very much welcome today’s announcement outlining that outdoor sport will be  further moving through the subphases of Step 2.  Other elements will also have wider implications for clubs and the boating community on what will be possible in upcoming weeks. 

From 23rd April

  • Outdoor sport organised by a club, individual or individuals affiliated will be extended to include squad training;
  • Competitive outdoor sport organised by a affiliated clubs/ individuals not exceeding 100 and no spectators permitted

From 30th April

  • Reopen and permit overnight stays in self-contained tourist accommodation for one household only;
  • Reopen unlicensed and licensed premises, including social clubs, outdoors only and limited.

From May 24th (indicative)

  • Reopening unlicensed and licensed premises indoors
  • Resume limited indoor group exercise and training

We (RYANI) will endeavour to work through and provide guidance and updates as soon as is practically possible.

EDYC is very grateful for the RYANI work in this area and commends members to follow the guidance emerging from RYANI and the NI Executive.

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