EDYC Race season starting steps May 21

First club events – a soft start to the race season. Start sequence rehearsal for racers and ROs

Sat 15th May – Roy is taking this session as Principal RO on the Committee Boat

Wed 19th May – another RO gets us away

First start as per our normal race timings. We plan four starts in sequences as per our SIs at half hour intervals, wind, daylight and time permitting. Course boards used to show the windward mark. Watch for the flags and hoots.

Just the start sequence, course selection and progress to a windward mark only. No race results will be recorded (It is not a set of races it is start practice.)

We will attempt to have two RIBs on the water – suitably crewed. Supporting the dinghies and start mark laying.

Level II of What you need to know to Race at EDYC – a further Zoom conference on

Monday 17th May at 19:30 – Zoom link to be made available a week before. Email gp14edyc@talktalk.net – to get your link.

Is this the Idiots Guide to being a RO? NO it is meant to be help to all !

We shall have a spot 5 to 10 mns on the Fundamental rules and the EDYC friendly way – remember it is not the Olympics etc.

Still writing  other PP slides but half the conference is intended to be responding to your questions.

Race Season will start as per SIs Sat 22 May _First pandemic normal race.

Subject to the NI Exec’s guidance. Club Exec has approved. No Chevvy taxi due to social distancing.

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