Wed night racing is back ! 26 May 21

Wed night racing is back at EDYC with a promising turnout on the first evening. With minimum clubhouse facilities, the on the water activity was absolutely brilliant.

Light winds meant that the RO had a critical decision and Cruiser I were given a course of 11, 5, V and fortunately the wind strength held enabling all to get a finish. The influx of Impalas, new to the club has invigorated this class and the photo above shows the last rounding mark V on the course with Impalas close after over an hours racing.

Lion gained first finisher, however a handicap adjustment meant that Wild Mustard took first place. (Results now on the web). Well done to all competing boats including other classes. It was an excellent first race in light winds.

It was good to meet Portaferry yachts at Mark 5 which they were using as a race finish. Hopefully lough regattas will continue our encounters.

Helms should note Mark T is North of Selk Rock for the second year and also many pladdy poles need maintained. Sailing committee have not got everything correct so some improvements will be implemented. Volunteers are the heart of our activity.

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