Some simple rules at EDYC

In the midst of our summer sailing activity it seems appropriate to highlight some simple rules, well you could highlight our complete rules but they are lengthy. (That was the link to them just given.)

Thinking during the dry weather – it was a perfect time for people to name their mooring buoy with their boat name – seems a simple task with direct rewards. The ability for people to recognise their own mooring and for others to remember who they are moored next to and to form a mental map of the mooring area. This is easy when the boats are on their moorings (mid season) but when the season ends the mooring area without named buoys is a complete headache. Nameing your mooring buoy is sensible and helpful.

The main rule however is “stay safe” and this is implied in many longer rules of which the rule on buoyancy below is very direct:-

Personal buoyancy aids must be worn at all times by persons in dinghies and tenders

Back to names – another rule states

Every boat, dinghy, punt, cradle and trolley remaining on EDYC property shall carry clearly visible

That rule is a very direct and covers the majority of items within the EDYC grounds and yard – thus please comply with this rule. It requires only a small amount of paint and well you can paint best in warm weather.

Our handbook gave guidance on the use of the Pontoon and water facilities – this has been reproduced again and is available via this link.

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