EDYC Regatta RESULTS Sat 28 Aug 21

Results & A photo gallery from the event with 90 photographs from the event is now available

EDYC Regatta Sat 28 Aug 21 took place in light winds View Gallery

— a second (higher resolution) gallery is also available – go thro the Gallery tab of this web site


The full set of results are available as Race 8 (Scroll thro the races to get to Race 8) within the results section in the Strangford Lough Regattas web site – www.strangfordloughregattas.co.uk . .


1st Le Basculer M Spence KYC

2nd Hindsight   D Hinds PSC

3rd  Lion             J Dixon      EDYC


1st Vela              M Molloy  EDYC

2nd Beeste        M Hamiltion & J Curran EDYC

3rd Apache        J Gifford  QYC


1st Cascade        C Harte & J Orr  SLYC

2nd Juno             T O’Neill PSC

3rd  Lizante         J Regan   EDYC


1st      Triad             R Darnley SLYC

2nd     Club Coffee  C Earney  EDYC

3rd      Scallywag     D Courtney EDYC


1st      Self Expression     R Ramsey/ J Findlay  EDYC

2nd     Just Du it               T Nixon & S Clarke SLYC

3rd      Finola’s Wing        D Thompson   KYC


1st       Seaborne               R Dow     EDYC

2nd     Bonaventure 2       M Browne  

3rd       Meg                        M McLoughlin & G Lynch EDYC


1st       Laragh                    K & S Smyth  SLYC

2nd    Quoile                      J McVea          SLYC


1st       Glen Cuan           R Pannell    SLYC

2nd      Glenoe                 M Stephens  SLYC

3rd       Glen Shiel           I Gleadhill   SLYC

Leisure 17

1st    Heidi Q         T Hanna    EDYC

2nd   Shalso           C Grey     EDYC

3rd    Minstral       R Edwards  EDYC


!st    Blue              D Hanna     KYC

2nd  Volante        S Watson    KYC

3rd    Dotzboat     G Cromie   KYC

Dinghy 1134 & Over

1st                         L Denyer  EDYC

2nd  Mistral 2      G & F Findlay  EDYC

3rd Brane Wave    S Jeffery   EDYC

Dinghy 1135 & Over

1st Cody Halliday   EDYC


1st Ella Fitzpatrick EDYC

A special prize went to Samuel Stocking in an Optimist  

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