Autumn actions and Yard Parking Oct 21

The Autumn season is now with us and it is time for boat parking and maintenance.

In order that you and the executive make the best use of our club space in winter – can we ask that:-

1) Property – Please ensure that your property is marked in accordance with Club Rule 49a and is maintained in good running order (Club Rule 50).  Any property which has no visible identification or whose owner cannot, after reasonable enquiry, be identified, shall be disposed of at the discretion of the Executive Committee (Club Rule 49b).

2) Boat Parking – Cruiser and Dinghy Park You will appreciate that every square foot of the site will be needed for the winter, thus we need you to park efficiently. Please ensure you park close to other boats – not leaving half boat width spaces between boats, especially cruisers.

3) Kitchen -The kitchen will be less used over the winter.   The fridge and freezer may be turned off if near empty – so please remove any food that you have in the fridge and tall freezer.

4) Winter Car parking There will be very limited car parking near boats especially cruisers, please do not block the through passage to the slipways and if possible park considerately so others also have equal boat access.

5) Skip A skip can be arranged to help with the disposal of unwanted items.  Please put as much into the wheely bins, next the garage. Big items should be left near the bin bay.

Thank you for your help with the above – we look forward to a relaxed and safe winter at the club.

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