EDYC prizes The Silverware awards in 2022 (Oct)

EDYC prizes The Silverware awards in 2022


EDYC puts all its race results onto a software system called HAL and helms and other interested parties get emailed when results are posted. These records remain viewable on the web. Thus anyone can view race or boat performance. During the season this is one “notice board” which is viewed regularly by most of the club racers. In this you can see who won each of our series. In addition the Strangford Lough Regattas web site covers the interclub regattas again is still viewable.

Some EDYC prizes derive from the phrase “best 12” which derives from our Sailing Instructions which set out how we judge the best boat in a class in the overall season.

Some further prizes are less arithmetic in derivation and each below has some notes indicating why the recipient will receive the prize.

The prize of the

Wayfarer Salver which is for Wayfarer Overall goes to F & G Reid in Mistral 2 for the Best 12 results

The prize of the

McRobert Rosebowl awarded to the best GP 14 goes to Patrick Hamilton for the Best 12 results

The prize of the

Colville Salver which is the Leisure Trophy for Leisure 17s goes to Roy Edwards in Minstrel for the Best 12 results

The prize of the

Mussen Cup for Offshore Racing goes to John Patterson in Maverick for a very competitive Isle of Man race. John pipped the fleet at the post.  This recognises his experience in offshore racing.

The prize of the

Murray Cup which is the Senior Youth Prize goes to Sam Kelly

Sam did well in the club racing and came very close to winning while sailing at Baltimore, Fenit, Dublin, Carrickfergus, Bangor, Narrows and Regattas.

The prize of the

Cadet Trophy, that’s the junior Youth Price goes to Rose Kelly

Rose has been out in Club Racing, Regattas, National 12 with Patrick, Won the Regatta at Killyleagh, sailing with wild Mustard. Showing great confidence. Putting her application in for the RYA youth squad.

The prize of the

Ardglass Trophy awarded to Maverick                 Outside the lough race Cancelled

Winner of the Ardglass trophy – race held within the lough

The prize of the

Hamilton Cup for Cruiser 1 overall Stephen Lynn Mipaal Best 12

The prize of the

Cruiser 2 Cup           Cruiser 2        Stephen Dow Madrigal       Best 12

The prize of the

Lady Helm                 Lara Killen   

Took part and place in the Narrows series and most of the Regattas and club racing, involvement in EDYC Kayaking. Also sailing the 4.7 and Radial Laser racing

The Prize of

Petticrew Salver for Single Handed racing goes to Mark Dow

Mark has now got a real L17 and has been racing well, consistently out in all weathers scoring well.

The prize of the

Cruising Cup goes to Graham Wright

Sailing – Italy, Sardina, Corsica and Ballerics and then on to mainland Spain, to Gibraltar and then from Dunlaoghaire to home.

The prize of the

Impala Prize for best Impala goes to Stephen Lynn of Mipaal for the Best 12

This prize supplied by the Impala class.

The results of each EDYC race series are available on HAL.

However for simplicity here are the names repeated

This represents some 14 trophies as we combine series wins onto one item.

EDYC 2022

Mipaal, Stephen Lynn

Cruiser 1 Early Wed, Late Wed, Late Sat, Autumn

Impala Early Wed, Early Sat, Late Wed, Late Sat, Autumn

EDYC 2022

Alcyone, Thompson Watson

Cruiser 1 Early Sat

EDYC 2022

Madrigal, Stephen Dow

Cruiser 2 Early Wed, Late Wed

EDYC 2022

Kestrel, Keith Carr

Cruiser 2 Early Sat

EDYC 202

Meg McLoughlin Lynch

Cruiser 2 Late Sat

EDYC 2022

Club Coffee Colin Earney

Cruiser 2 Autumn

EDYC 2022

Mistral 2 F & G Reid

Dinghy 1 Early Wed, Early Sat, Late Wed

Wayfarer Early Wed, Early Sat, Late Wed, Autumn

EDYC 2022

Patrick Hamilton Dinghy 1, GP14, Late Sat

EDYC 2022

Sam Kelly, Dinghy 1, Laser Radial, Autumn

EDYC 2022

Rose Kelly, Dinghy 2, Early Wed, Late Wed

EDYC 2022

Gloria McKinnon, Dinghy 2 Early Sat, Late Sat

EDYC 2022

Rodney Hall, Wayfarer Late Sat

EDYC 2022

Minstrel Roy Edwards

Leisure 17 Early Sat, Late Wed, Late Sat, Autumn

EDYC 2022

Yogi David Hinds

Leisure 17 Early Wed


The presentation of these results without a spreadsheet is a challenge.

The club thanks our Results Officer David Hinds and assistants for their work and John Miller for his summation work at the end of season. Well done to all volunteers

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