EDYC RYA Training Update Oct 22

EDYC RYA Training Update 4 Oct 22

Our arrangements for the RYA First Aid Course on 19 Nov have been made and the course has sufficient interest to likely fill and have a short waiting list. This is the second First Aid course the club has run this year.

The RYA Day Skipper course is scheduled and attendees are lining up for the Sundays at the club commencing 13 Nov.

This leaves Autumn Power Boat training – which is set out below.

We shall run a Power Boat Level II course for adults (in the main) on the weekend ie the Sat and Sun of 22nd and 23rd October. This will follow the full two day syllabus of a normal course.

We have considered those Instructors needing PB LII and have put off a suitable youth course until next spring. This Level II course may be held on two Sundays so as to permit commitments to Saturday sport to continue without interruption. In addition the Safety Boat course is also put off till next spring.

Those (adult members) seeking to gain a PB LII qualification this autumn should email their interest to gp14edyc@talktalk.net. The members fee will be:-

Power Boat Level II – £180 two day course for members

Less 50% for AI/DI thus £90

Please, if you have an interest in any of the courses, let us know via the email address above. Should you wish to have safety or rescue boat experience – there is a great opportunity coming up. Should you wish to have a small group, re-fresh with Power Boat driving – this can be accommodated we just need the request. This refresher training will likely be free apart from a small charge for fuel.

Have a safe Autumn Season

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