Requesting members to complete this survey Oct 22

Future improvements at EDYC- PLEASE HELP!

Last year we collected opinions and developed ideas for improvements to changing rooms, and we were very pleased with the level of support.

To progress further we have engaged fundraising consultants, and we are looking at improvements more widely, to see what the priorities may be across house, site, and water facilities. We have been asked to gather opinions from you as members and facility users. 

Please can you complete the online form at the link below, for yourself, and then by using the link again, for each other household member who uses EDYC, whether a member or not. Those who are unable to complete a form themselves may need a little help.

We are hoping to get a wide ranging set of replies, from as many people as possible, to enable a strong case to be made for others to fund/assist our projects. Thank you for giving a little of your time to make progress possible.

The survey can be used several times, and is at

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