Training Early Season 2023

EAST DOWN YACHT CLUB, Training Early Season 2023

Friday nights are to be the peak training effort at EDYC in the early season, starting Fri April 28th.

Other clubs can call this Fri night training, Bright Nights Training and other names, we are however stretching to encompass as much training as possible on Friday nights in May and June.

The main core will be youth training in sail boats, assisted by our Dinghy Instructors and supported by safety boats.

This will encompass newcomers with little experience or no experience through to perhaps some adults in larger sailing craft making use of the training environment and support.

Power Boats will be in attendance for safety cover and also for driving experience and training. If you seek this strand of training, make your desires known at the start of the sessions and we will tailor to suit.

We have an app termed Plain Sailing which is being used to register and to collect fees. Members are not being charged for the training, but at registration a contribution will be collected to assist with the refreshment costs after the session. Non-members are welcome, however should think of their non-member status as being a transition towards membership.

EAST DOWN YACHT CLUB, Training 2023  

Venue: EDYC           Friday Night Training 6 weeks Early Season (28th April plus Fridays May & June)

Dates and session times    Block booking with £5 fee to cover refreshments for EDYC members, same block £20 fee for non members

Attendance times – 18:30 until 21:00

Parents, guardians and other club members are welcome to contribute to this support environment, as we will benefit from rigging, launch and slipway assistance, tractor and boat driving and kitchen refreshment preparation, please feel free to come along and be an active assistant, do not miss the enjoyment.

The link to the “Its Plain Sailing” page for registration is available under our home page – (online entries button) then see Early Friday Youth Training season or via this link – ONLINE ENTRIES

This registration is an important task to enable us to predict attendance and experience of those comming.

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