Our EDYC competitor at Topper Worlds July 2023

2023 Topper World Championships

Racing 24th-28th July 2023

A report from and by our EDYC competitor at the Topper World’s 2023, Royal Cork Yacht Club

First of all, I would like to thank all of the people that make up EDYC. Without your continuous support and endless encouragement I would never have been able to progress so far along my journey.

I started off last year doing Wednesday night racing at my club, East Down, and with the carefree attitudes of the Leisure 17 sailors, I found my place within the fleet. Then, Summer came along and I gladfully took part in the dinghy series known as ‘Around the Lough’. There I met many brilliant topper sailors from SSC and KYC, who pushed me to continue sailing competitively.

After the series was over, I took part in the Northern Ireland Topper Squad try outs, along with a few of my friends. It was a tough two days sailing, with wildly different conditions for both days. But thankfully, after a few days’ wait, my Dad got an email to say that I had been invited to join the Squad. Yet it felt as though I had made the leap from the pond to the ocean, and it took lots of reflection, homework and training to be able to compete competently at the Worlds.

The World’s themselves provided for me a magnitude of learning, as well as good racing. Every day was different, and even the people winning were discarding results such as 37s, or even some in the sixties. And after two calm days of qualifiers, a heavy breeze came in for the third day. With the final two days being medium winds, everyone went home feeling well stretched and tired.

2023 Topper World Championships

Registration & Measurement 22nd-23rd July 2023 – Racing 24th-28th July 2023

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