Saturday Night Was Film Night 2 March 24

On Saturday 2nd March at the club, 28 EDYC women attended a showing of the film Maiden.

This was the extraordinary challenge that 26 year old Tracey Edwards faced having met with a refusal of the other all-male teams to take her on board, to assemble an all-female team to compete in the 1989 Whitbread Round the World Race.  Against all odd they won two of the legs and although they did not win, their achievement won them recognition throughout the sailing world and Tracey was the first female to be awarded the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy.

What an inspiration for the start

of the EDYC 2024 sailing season!

One member – Forgot to say that the ‘Ladies movie evening’ last Saturday was a great success with nearly 30 of our female members enjoying a good chat and very inspirational document about Tracy Edwards. It’s well worth to organise such a social events during winter season.

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