The approach to St Patrick’s day at EDYC March 24

The approach to St Patrick’s day at EDYC seems to be going very low key. We have no major celebrations planned, however I expect some club members will not let the day go unused, especially those getting the Bank Holiday.

In the lead up we have to illustrate how members enjoy themselves and how they spend their time.

Open water swimming is one bit of sport which you do not need a boat for and several members undertake these swims. It was on Sat 9 March 24 with an Air temp of about 8 degrees that several were seen using the slipway. There was a spring tide of 3.6m at 12:04 meaning the slip was well covered and the wind would have made dinghy sailing adventurous being Easterly at 24 knots gusting to 27 knots but the outlook was dry.

Plus the sense to get out early was exhibited – if you are new.

Given that there is some science behind this recreation here is a NI Science Festival – video with experts

Open Water Swimming with Dr Heather Massey (Documentary) | NI Science Festival – If the video stalls just hit the re-play button

Back to Saint Patrick – we do not have much historic information here – but Don O’Neills Island or Dunnyneil has a bit of history – see our earlier write up – link

Nautically a link to St Patrick’s rock just South of the Narrows entrance and prominent on the Ardglass race – has to be mentioned. There’s also lots of St Patrick – around Downpatric and its surroundings – search the web.

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