Bums on seats (Members needed to fill the committee structure)

EDYC need more members to join our committees. We as members run our club, we organize everything from the calendar, laying marks, servicing the winch, to setting mouse traps and ordering beer. None of this would get done without some sort of organized committee system, that is what we aim to have.

edyc-flag-no-backgroundExecutive committee





Membership Secretary

Youth officer

 Rear Commodore of sailing  & Sailing Captain,

Rear Commodore of site & Site Captain,

Rear Commodore of house & House Captain

Sailing Committee

Rear Commodore of sailing & Sailing Captain

At least 4 others

Site Committee

Rear Commodore of site & Site Captain

At least 4 others

House Committee

Rear Commodore of house & House Captain

At least 4 others

At present (the week before the AGM) we have 13 positions empty for the incoming year. We have so many positions because many hands really do make light (and more enjoyable work).

Typically being a committee member involves attending one meeting a month usually at 7:30pm at EDYC, discussing, planning and delegating tasks related to your role.

Read the following written at the start of this 2016 season to get an idea of what is involved:

Name: (Becky) Rebecca

Age : 25

Occupation:   Vet

Position on Exec: Sailing Captain

What do you sail: GP14 – Quantum Shadow with my dad, Reflex 38 – Lion with John and a bunch of loonies and a Clipper 70, Derry-Londonderry-Doire.

Most memorable sailing moment: Helming a clipper 68 on my final week of training for the Clipper race. We were on a broad reach with Force 7 gusting Force 8 it was night time with the moon and the stars to guide us going up the English Channel we had a reefed main and staysail (we decided to leave the yankee on deck) with waves were about 4m. The skipper came up the hatch and said “Becky don’t look behind you!” I felt the back of the boat lift up and it kept going up and then carrying the boat as if it were weightless. I did look around and the sight of the waves were definitely a lot scarier than the feel of them. The best thing was this continued for 8 hours! My arms were sore from steering and cheeks sore from smiling by the end of my stint.

What do you do in your position? As Sailing Captain I am responsible for supporting the Rear Commodore of sailing in their role. I attend sailing committee and executive committee meetings once a month at EDYC (loving the new heating system in the bar!). My duties over the past year have included:

  • Writing SIs and NoRs
  • Maintenance and storage of club dinghies
  • Organization of events such as the Peel race and Topper Traveler event
  • Reviewing the sailing section of the club handbook
  • Organization of training events such as Friday nights and youth training
  • Listening to members views about racing, how it can be improved to and taking & discussing It at the sailing committee
  • Laugh at our Treasurer and Secretary wind each other up at exec. meetings
  • Coming up with ideas to improve the skill of members, to increase enthusiasm within the club and to make it a club that people come to and think “I wish I was a member of this club”.

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