High winds big swell Sat & Sun 25/26 June 22

High winds and big swell were experienced on Sat & Sun 25/26 June 22 in our mooring area. This tested equipment and seamanship for many members and boats at EDYC.

The photo taken on Sat afternoon shows the stress and bounce experienced at one mooring. We have not many photos of these conditions for obvious reasons.

At least two yachts suffered major damage in the latest high winds of Sat and Sun 25/26 June. Wind details were – Sat 25 June 22 windy 16 knots gusting 23 knots at 10:00 (then 24 g 30 at 16:00 afternoon, 27 g 35 at 04:00 Sun morn 26th June). Observers at the club said they had witnessed gusts of over 50 Knots, however instruments may have minor errors.

These winds were from the South in the main, which for our moorings produces a long fetch for the waves and consequentially a big swell. The wind from the South is the most dangerous and damaging to our Holme Bay and Dorn mooring and combined with rising high tide means that equipment is tested.

The photo above shows the swell effect dipping and raising bows.

The reason for this post is to remind members of the need to look after and maintain their boats and equipment to a high standard to survive these conditions and worse.

At least three members removed their punts from the pontoon before and during this period thus saving exposure and damage. This is a simple and wise precaution.

While not classed as a storm recent conditions needed attention, such as the cancelling of Saturday racing.

Remember – Storms can occur without major notice.

Storms are part of the weather we experience and history shows that the first storm of the season or winter catches members unprepared.

Previous storms are recorded -here as posts – see First Storm Autumn 18 and Storm Autumn 16 these photographically caught the impacts that storms have had at EDYC.

It is essential that your equipment and boats at EDYC have an identification name and that this name is linked to your membership – this is the only way we have of tracking and contacting members whose equipment is in peril or worse.

Sail damage

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