• Sailing Season moves to Storage Season Oct 18 EDYC

    Saturday 29th Sept  saw the last of the club races gain a small turnout. Traditionally called haul out day, perhaps few availed of the winch or tractor. Three cruisers, two dinghy I and two dinghy II competed in races in Holm Bay. Racing Results The Frostie Series at SLYC saw many EDYC boats such as […]

  • First Storm of Autumn 18 – Flying Boats at EDYC

    The first storm of the autumn 18 blew in on Wednesday the 19th of September and resulted in several flying boats at East Down Yacht Club. Pictures taken on the morning show some of the boat movements but fail to capture the wind and water conditions with winds of over 30 knots showing regularily on […]

  • Strangford Lough Racing Cruiser Association 16 Sept 18 at EDYC

    Strangford Lough Racing Cruiser Association was formed in 1973 by a group of like minded sailors to promote racing of cruising boats both inside the lough and offshore, and to encourage cooperation between clubs in the lough and co-ordination of racing. EDYC hosted a race on 16 September 2018: Photos of the event are in the gallery. Results are […]

  • Results Ardglass Race Sept 8th 2018 EDYC

    Here are results for the Ardglass Race, our thanks to all competitors and  officials for their attendance.. A fuller list, split in classes, with handicap plus times (under Regatta 2018 – Series – Ardglass Race) is on http://edyc.co.uk/sailing/racing-results/ Links via the page reference above give the times etc – select the class first IRC 1 […]

  • NOR East Down Yacht Club Ardglass Race Sat 8th Sept 2018

    use continue reading and click Notice of Race click here for East Down Yacht Club Ardglass Race Sat 8th Sept 2018 further details within the document which is PDF and opens in a new tab    

  • SIs – East Down Yacht Club Ardglass Race Sat 8th Sept 2018

    Sailing Instructions click here for East Down Yacht Club Ardglass Race Saturday 8th September 2018    

  • Wednesdays Start Early by half an hour for Autumn Series Races

    Remember the Wednesday races start earlier in September by half an hour. That’s a whole half hour earlier – remember below from the handbook. 5.1 Classes and Times of Warning Signal Classes Sat Wed Autumn Series Weds Cruiser 1 Handicap (NHC base number: 0.880 and over) 14:20 19:20 18:50 Cruiser 2 Handicap (NHC base number: […]

  • Three Viking boats attend Magnus Barelegs Festival Saturday 25 August 2018

    You may have seen three Viking boats in the EDYC cruiser park on on our moorings – well these three Viking boats attended the Magnus Barelegs Festival in Delamont on Saturday 25 August 2018, launching from EDYC and returning afterwards. A number of EDYC sailors including many highly respected officers have been seen amongst these […]

  • Youth step towards club racing at EDYC 17-18 Aug 18

    Youth take step towards club racing at EDYC  17-18 Aug 18 During the Quoile two-day cruiser event – the youth of the club were not inactive.  A step towards club racing was offered to the youth. Following several fun practical training sessions on Friday evenings, two races were held on Saturday. It was great to see much […]

  • Powerboat training October 2018 at EDYC

    Power Boat Level II and Safety Boat Training EDYC Autumn 2018 The club wants to run both a Formal RYA Level II course and a Formal RYA Safety Boat course (each takes two days)  and now request expressions of interest – to be noted and to form a mailing and sounding out list as arrangements, […]